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 Men's Wedding Rings and Ritual

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PostSubject: Men's Wedding Rings and Ritual   Men's Wedding Rings and Ritual Icon_minitimeMon Aug 31, 2009 8:59 am

Mens wedding bands are usually worn at the base of the left ring
finger. Even though in some parts of the globe, mens wedding bands may
instead be seen worn on the right ring finger. As you know, a wedding
ring symbolizes marriage. Men and women wear wedding rings to symbolize
their marriage and show off their obligation to faithfulness, and to
their spouse. This custom originates from Europe, but clearly has
extend widely and all through the world!

In a wedding ceremony, it is normally the man that produces the mens
wedding rings and womens wedding rings to exchange with his bride. But
some ceremonies make use of ring bearers. These are typically young
boys that are a part of either family. Their job is to hold the mens
wedding ring and womens wedding band on a unique cushion or pillow up
to the altar, where the rings are then placed on the marrying couple's
fingers. more

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Men's Wedding Rings and Ritual
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