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 Could I Ever Leave You?

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PostSubject: Could I Ever Leave You?   Could I Ever Leave You? Icon_minitimeTue Feb 27, 2007 9:17 pm

Could I Ever Leave You?

Could I ever leave you? Never. For
you are the air the fills me with the
breath of life and the energy that fuels
each day. You are my laughter, my joy,
my reason for being. You are my hope,
my warmth on a cold winters night, and
the flowers that bloom in my heart.
You are my friend, my life.
You are the liquid of life under a deserts
sun; my port in a storm and without you
there is but a barren wasteland of
nothingness, where laughter has died
and darkness and bitter howling winds
are forever.
Could I ever leave you. Not for all
eternity and one day thereafter, if
there be such a time.

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Could I Ever Leave You?
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