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PostSubject: I CONFESS   I CONFESS Icon_minitimeTue Feb 27, 2007 9:16 pm

I Confess

I confess, before I met you, I was on
a lonely journey, on a dead end road.

I confess, you brought sunlight, to the
dark abyss within me.

I confess, you awakened my senses, to
the beauty that life held.

I confess, I can tell you where, what day,
and under what willow tree,
I fell in love with you.

I confess, the first time, I felt the softness of
you and the rapture of your body, I felt as
man, finally complete. Finally fulfilled.

I confess, when I realized that you loved me,
it caused me to weep with happiness.

I confess, you have released me from darkness and
replaced the hopeless of my existence, with the
joy of life.

I confess, your voice, is as a bird in song and your
smile, is as the light of night.

I confess, when I utter your name, it comes as a
symphony, from my heart.

I confess, when you are near, you're a like the fragrance,
from the flowers of a field.

I confess, your moist lips, beckon one, as
the rippling sea, in a summers sunlight.

I confess, you have taken me from my
emotional prison, to castles in the air-
where the sun shines always,
and the flowers of life, forever bloom.

I confess, my past constant companions of loneliness,
and anguish, have been replaced by the love
you have showered me with.

I confess, I find your beauty, your heart so kind, and
your unconditional love, surely more than I deserve.

I confess, your gentleness, and purity of heart,
is like the pristine, new falling snow.

I confess, you are the sunlight in a darkened sky.
A delicate crystal goblet and the heavens rain, that
fill it.

I confess, you are summer days, winter nights, the
beauty of fall and the promise of spring.

I confess, when I found you, I found
the other half of who I am. You have
completed me.

I confess, you are my all, my life.

I confess, I love you.

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