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 valentine vs dragobete

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PostSubject: valentine vs dragobete   Fri Feb 23, 2007 1:06 pm

Valentine's day is a popular holiday celebrated by people in their teens or twenties ,belonging to cities and, it is usually perceived as an occasion to party, to offer and receive presents and to enjoy the favours of the person one likes.
It is known that Valentine was a bishop of ancient Rome and he was killled.
This martyr entered the western culture as a saint protector of love celebrated on the 14th of February.

This holiday has started to be celebrated in Romania for 7 years as a result of the American popular culture.But we have our celebration of love called Dragobete. It is traditionally celebrated on the 24t h of February-considered "the day when the birds are getting engaged". Dragobete is in fact the name of the master of love of the good mood in our country.
Individuals would gather to pick snowdrops (the first flowers of spring).
If a girl hasn't met a boy that day, it was told that no one would love her all year long.
But what is this dragobete saying to a Romanian teenager? Absolutely nothing!

Things are changing when you are saying Valentine's day! Even if these holidays are identical as significations, one is imported and the other is "made in Romania". The best apples seem to be the ones from the neighbours' garden. So the Romanian people jumped the wall stealing-or better said 'borrowing'- with all the things they have had, somebody's else's holidays, as if we hadn't our calendar full, "Keeping in a drinking about all day due to them".
Being a Romanian girl I cannot keep being happy to find out that either the Americans are original -it seems that Dragobete is older than Valentine and the Romanian teenagers seem to be more inventive at the chapter customs.

I'm waiting the moment this will get a proper significance. Leaving the tradition and the patriotism away, I think that the problem of the celebration of the holiday and love, isn't Americans' or Romanians' dilemma or another peoples: it is just my and the boy's dilemma with whom I'm spending the holiday!

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PostSubject: Re: valentine vs dragobete   Fri Feb 23, 2007 2:44 pm

great topic my princess
thnaks so much

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valentine vs dragobete
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